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Project Management
Technical Life Cycle
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Midland Computer’s mission is to provide value through the flexible delivery of information systems and services supported by a quality team of dedicated employees.

Midland Computer has been assisting companies in a variety of ways to reduce technology costs for over 25 years. Our sophisticated life cycle management tools and services offer a full range of options to our clients, making us the perfect choice for your prime technology vendor.
Project Management


The burden placed on internal staffing to stay on top of end user requests can be overwhelming. Many customers depend on Midland Computer to provide managed technical resources to assist with a variety of project backlogs.  The customers are then free to focus their internal staff on mission critical needs. We have developed an approach to project managed services that has worked well in the past and can work for you.



Phase One
A Project Manager is assigned to the client on either a full or part time basis. The immediate responsibilities are to determine the extent of the projects and the resources needed to complete the projects on the timeline and budget established by the client. He must develop a statement of work for each project that sets the proper expectation levels with the customer. The Project Manager also will attend ongoing customer meetings concerning new and existing projects to allow him to make adjustments on existing projects and enable him to understand how future projects may impact those in progress. In addition, the Project Manager will act as the single point of contact for communicating any problems or needs effectively to the client and provide any customer status reports that are requested.



Phase Two
Assemble the technical resources that are required to complete the projects. We would like to suggest the following types of resource categories:

Ř       Hardware Technician - Hardware Technicians normally provide maintenance    and repair services for CPU's, peripherals and components.

Ř       Software Technician - Software Technicians normally provide Level 1 (Phone) and/or Level 2 (Dispatched) end-user support of hardware systems, peripherals and standard applications.

Ř       Network Engineers - Network Engineers provide a variety of Network Services generally on hardware, software, OS and various topologies. Other skills can include network design, network management, network administration, email and internet/intranet skill-sets.

Ř       Specialty skills - (Engineers with skills in) Routers, hubs, switches, web development, project management and LAN/WAN design skills among others.


Ř       Programmers - Programmers skilled in operating system, database and internet design



Phase Three
Develop a pricing strategy that is consistent with the quality of services provided. Each skill category requires a separate pricing level that is based not only on the skills required but also on the length of time they are required. The length of the project plays a significant role in determining the hourly prices paid for each category.

A letter of intent and an Outsourcing Agreement are required for full time technical resources. Shorter projects are handled with a statement of work.

We are confident that we can deliver the services that you require and look forward to a mutually beneficial business partnership.


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