In a 21st Century, global economy, almost every company or organization is dependent upon technology to conduct day-to-day operations, but you may not have the resources to hire an IT team.  Enter Midland Computer, Inc.

Midland Computer, Inc. can either be your IT department or extension of your IT team.  Each client is assigned a Lead Engineer and Technical Consultant as well as is connected to our managed services toolset which proactively monitor your network.  The toolset, which monitors the stability of the network, alerts us to potential issues that might impact your day-to-day operations.  Our toolset can manage/monitor firewalls, switches, servers, wireless access points, computers, and printers to mention a few.  Even after our doors close at the end of the day, our systems are still at work and alert us via email or text messaging if there is a problem with your system. 

The proactive, reliable, and swift approach of each client’s team, alleviates technical pains by remoting into the affected device and taking necessary action to minimize network downtime.  Our goal is to see it before it happens.

Under the Managed Services Plan, clients enjoy piece-of-mind in knowing that routine maintenance is conducted on a regular basis, systems are monitored 24/7/365, and remote support is just a click away if needed.

In the rare occasion where a Midland team member must go on-site, those costs are often covered under the Managed Services Agreement (MSA).

Contact Midland Computer, Inc. to discuss how Managed Services can save your company or organization money while increasing your uptime.  We’ll work 24/7/365 so you don’t have to.